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“I read every sentence.”–George W. Bush

"Warning: 'Obama Confidential' may cause extreme laughter."–U.S. Surgeon General

“Read this book and then call me in an hour.”–S. Gupta

"Highly inventive, and just in time, too."–T. Edison

“I hate to admit it, but I loved it!”–J. Boehner

"Surely too funny to be legal."– E. Holder

“I was thinking of writing this book, but Berlin actually did!”–Hugo Furst

“Not a sexy romp, but pretty damn close!”–J. Suzanne

“Marc Berlin is too naughty.”–S. Claus   

The Author Is A Brilliant Satirist

Reviewed by Diane Pollock

"What if you could read the President’s mail?That’s the idea behind this book, with brilliant satirist Marc Berlin imagining what he would find in those boxes of letters. Lighthearted and politically neutral, the writer brings many viewpoints forward. 

Much of the humor arises from our own flawed viewpoints, or the political process itself. For example, there are a number of letters from small companies in Ohio thanking the President for visiting. Visits that would not have occurred were Ohio not so important to Presidential politics. Also quite funny are the occasional imagined responses from the President, trying to tactfully respond to often rather crazed viewpoints.  A wonderful addition that alone makes the book worth your while are the many fine photos of the President and his family, complete with satirical captions! For example, 'President Obama is caught red-handed with stolen apple by staff'."

Highly Addictive Read

By allshewrote


Obama Confidential is kind of brilliant. It obviously is written by someone with a very original point of view and unique sense of humor. I really couldn't put it down, and now I want to see more books in this newly tapped vein. This is unlike anything I've ever read,and that is what makes it so special. It lightens the heart, and gives some much needed relief from the daily onslaught of pundits and political figures that are equally as strange, odd and bizarre. Thanks to the author for finding something to smile about in our "democrazy". I slept well knowing that in the mind of at least one person, the state of our union is hilarious. My tag line would be: "Better than Ambien, and much more addictive". 

Cleverly Written Satirical Letters to the President

By Terri J. Rice TOP 500 REVIEWER Vine Voice 


Format: Paperback

Straight up- this is satirical.

"Marc Berlin has cleverly written a huge assortment of letters to the president. There's a gamut from elementary student wondering why the president's hair has gone from black to gray to Edward J. Teller, Jr., son of the inventor of the hydrogen bomb.  It's a fun browsing book to just leave out for entertainment."

5 Stars! Entertaining! Hilarious Letters to the President

By Athena L Nagel 


Format: Paperback

"This book was great and quite entertaining. The stories people tell in these letters are amazing. I love that it is a book that I can pick up and read a bit anytime I want. I can open to any page and still be quite entertained. It doesn't matter whether you support Obama or not. In most of the letters it doesn't matter who is sitting in that presidential position. The entertainment is from the people that wrote the letters, not the person who was to receive the letters. I give this book 5 stars and will definitely be re-reading some of these letters. Many of them are so hilarious. (I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)"

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